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Globalization is an unstoppable phenomenon affecting the way of living of people and the development of each country. It establishes connections between countries, industries and companies resulting to a web of networks. These networks help countries in different ways: economics, technology and jobs. Due to these networks, more and more countries do imports and exports. Imports and exports aid in the increase of the economy. Furthermore, since globalization contributes a lot on networks, it is easier to have an exchange of ideas. Hence, there is faster development in technology, and jobs are made easy. Lastly, due to the increase in technology, and in networks, more and more industries demand manpower. Consequently, more jobs open up for people seeking for a career.

There are different jobs that branch out from this increase in development due to globalization. An example of which is the increase in need for IT people because of the computerization of most of the jobs. These jobs are present in companies in one’s motherland but there are other more enticing job opportunities overseas. This is the reason behind a rapid boost in the number of OFWs.

Being an OFW in the Philippines, equates to being able to alleviate poverty from your family and so many people decide to work outside the country, even if it means being far from one’s family. A website made especially for OFWs disclosed 6 major reasons why Filipinos work abroad: economic instability, job opportunity deficiency, low salary, poor worker benefits, and job hiring discrimination. Furthermore, it is not very difficult to work abroad anymore because a lot of Filipinos are outside the country already and OFWs are already pampered with advantages.