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MIP International Manpower Services Inc. also has existing tie-ups with government accredited medical clinics and training/trade centers to guarantee that it is deployed workers are not only medically but also technically qualified when discharge in their duties under their POEA-processed contracts.

In the conduct of its recruitment operations, MIP International Manpower Services Inc., participates in government and private sector-sponsored job fairs as well as provincial recruitment activities.

MIP International Manpower Services Inc., maintains a manpower pool of applicants by skill and category that is regularly updated to assure that our foreign principals receives a list of fully competent workers.

The company also has a constantly updated website that reflects the recruitment process and enables the prospective employer to evaluate the requirements for hiring of Filipino workers in order to further the expansion our base of operations.

To ensure transparency, a standard employment contract containing the minimum terms and conditions of employment is uniformly implemented.

To facilitate compliance with foreign employer accreditation, the company assists in the preparation of documentary requirements including its authentication.

To monitor the welfare our deployed workers, the company cooperates with government-recognized organizations thus preventing unwarranted claims of contract violations by our foreign principals.